“By the practice of meditation, you will find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise” — Paramahansa Yogananda.

Writing a post on Meditation seems quite an impossible task due to the amount of information on the subject and if you found this website, you are probably aware of the importance of a regular meditative practice in daily life.

We just want to quickly emphasize an aspect of meditation in the development of the relationship between mind/body/soul.

Through a regular practice, we develop our subtle senses (the ‘muscles’ that perceive subtle energies) which help us perceive the energetic field that envolves and permeates our environment and our physical bodies.

As we gradualy become familiar with this subtle realm, we start feeling the energy that flows through the energetic structure belonging to our bodies. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy is called Chi or Qi. In Hindu philosophy it is called Prana.

Once our awareness stabilises on this field, painful or tight spots around our bodies become more prominent. We feel where the Prana or Chi is not flowing properly in our energetic structure.

Feeling those spots deeper, we become aware of how they hold emotions an memories of certain events. As we allow these emotions to flow, we remember the circumstance that caused us to feel that way, and realise how those experiences left an energetic imprint on that part of our bodies.

This process brings a deeper understanding of the psychosomatic effect in relation to various symptoms or physical discomfort.

That is when the amazing cleansing effect of meditation takes place.

As we work with these blockages, we are healing not only the tight and painful spots, but also the emotional and celular memories that have been stored in our bodies for a long time.

We realise how much unconscious stuff we have been carrying around, and how it has been weighing in our sense of being, affecting our moods, our health.

As we clear these blockages, we feel lighter - as we are literally carrying more of the light of our awareness.

We no longer look for answers in the world outside, nor do we feel victimised by the circumstances of our lives.

The more we go within to look for answers, the more an expanded sense of clarity and empowerment is made available for us to draw upon.

Joy and peace appear in our lives as we have not felt in a long time, our perception of the world changes dramatically and then we see our lives as a blessing and an adventure of self discovery.

These are internal and subtle changes that occur deep inside us.

Our lives in the world may continue to be the same, but now we crave our meditation time, our time together with ourselves.

We long to go back to that space where there is clarity, calm and a respite from the demands of life.

And this is just the beginning!

May you find an inner calling to start your journey within.