“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift” — Albert Einstein

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dream; Who looks inside, awakes” — Carl Jung

Over the centuries, and increasingly now due to the technological advances we interact with in our daily lives, we have become more and more disconnected from our hearts. This can be seen in the ever increasing chaotic behaviour we associate with religious fanaticism, mass shootings, consumerism, pollution and the destruction of the environment we live in. Emphasis has been placed on the outer technology, or the operating system of our minds, where we believe we have dominion over nature and that we exist as separate individuals that are not connected to the whole.

The truth of our real nature is quite the opposite from this. We are divine beings of love and light, having an experience on planet Earth, and when we shift to the operating system of our hearts, we realise that we are not separate from our surroundings and that we have a larger impact in the world we live in than we thought possible. The trajectory that human society has taken over the last centuries has disconnected us from this fundamental truth.

But deep inside we know something is amiss and in our blind search to solve this conundrum, some of us do our best to keep up with the fast pace of living, looking for the answers out there in the world. Maybe what is missing is that new shiny thing we don’t have, or maybe it is because that new shiny thing has been taken away from us by someone with a different religion, opinion or values than us.

The faster things move, the more our standards of living increase, the more we feel lost and disconnected. It is like we are caught in a dream, more like a nightmare really, that we don’t seem to be able to awake from.

Many of the sensitive ones amongst us then take on a spiritual path, hoping to find some answers there as we still have some vestiges of our heart’s inherit knowing that ultimately we are One and connected to everything and everyone.

While on our spiritual paths, some of us have intense experiences that confirm our divine origin, where we inhabit celestial worlds and are surrounded by angels and beings of light. When we go “back down to our lives”, we feel the need to tell everyone this amazing truth and we start trying to convince everyone around us of how they should behave, what they should believe. At this time, the newly found clarity from our spiritual experiences is filled with judgement and self-righteousness.

And there we go again, back into the operating system of our minds, focusing on the outside world to change our realities. We forget that the operating system of our minds is very limited, and when we use it, we see reality through the lenses of our past traumas, unconscious fears and misconceptions that keep us looking for answers on how to heal those traumas outside ourselves.

Our minds are afraid and incapable to feel deeply. Through self protection mechanisms, it maintains us disconnected from those unconscious traumas because of the intensity of the experience and emotions those traumas hold.

Then, how can we breach this ever increasing disconnection with ourselves?

Maybe the answer is to upgrade our awareness from relying on the mind to help us cognise and navigate the reality we find ourselves in, by learning to use the clear, connected space of our hearts.

Once we shift operating systems, we will learn how to feel deeply again and not be afraid to deal with uncomfortable emotions.

We will remember the language of our hearts, and will start communicating with our bodies, other aspects of ourselves, and people around us in a different way.

The operating system of the heart contains “clean lines of code” so to speak, clean lenses where we perceive a much richer and interconnected reality around us. Through it we are able to wield the emotions that run through us, without switching on to fear or disconnection, but feeling them with unconditional love and compassion.

Our minds will experience strong resistance at first as we learn this new language, but by expanding the lenses of our perception, we create a solid inner base, where we strengthen our connection to our light and wisdom and develop a greater compassion for ourselves and others.

Our bodies and minds are able to relax, calm down and let go. We surrender to a benevolent force much larger than our minds can comprehend or control.

With this shift, we slowly embody our divine essence in our human body, creating a new being and a new reality on Earth.

May you find much love, light and joy on your upgrade.