“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” — Carl Jung

“Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story instead of the actor in it” — Ram Dass

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “Our thoughts create our reality”, and although we might hold an intellectual understanding of this truth, the fact is that we have not taken full conscious ownership of this concept in our lives.

We indeed are creators of our reality. Everything that happens around us is being created by ourselves constantly. The people we meet, the events of our day, what we see on the news.

The difficulty in accepting the truth of our identity as creator beings is that we just do not understand how we can sometimes create so much pain and drama in our lives.

How is that possible? We don’t see ourselves as being uncaring towards others, we are always striving to do our best in every situation in our lives and yet, how can we be at the receiving end of such unfortunate situations? Why is it that our lives don’t flow the way we’d like? Why is there so much war, violence and suffering on the news?

If we take a few steps back and see the true nature of our lives from an expanded awareness, we realise that we are multidimensional beings and our consciousness is fragmented.

Even though we consider ourselves as ‘solid’ and having a strong sense of who we are, and our place in this reality, the person we consider as ourselves is only a single character amongst the crowded theatre of our inner world.

If we continue with this analogy, these unconscious characters are all acting out their scripts and they are connected to us through a thread of our awareness to this inner theatre.

From a linear perspective, these characters are scattered across time and space playing their stories over and over again. We could refer to them as our past or future lives. They play their roles so well that they become their roles. Some are sad, others are angry, apathetic, revengeful, fearful. Some are victims while others are perpetrators. Through the intensity of the emotions they find themselves in, they become trapped by their roles, and their realities are moulded by those emotions.

From a multidimensional perspective, outside time and space, these characters are all playing their roles now. They are all on the stage together and are competing for our attention, acknowledgement and acceptance.

So, the person living here and now, is not alone in this creation story. We are always being influenced by the unconscious aspects of us that are living their lives somewhere else.

All that needs to happen for that influence to connect more strongly with our lives here and now, is some trigger event that resonates with the story of one of our inner characters. It can be a comment someone makes, something we watch on TV, the way someone looked at us. Those trigger events are first of all being created by one of our characters and then it is being reflected back to us, as a way of confirming the story being told unconsciously.

Let’s say we have an aspect of ourselves that believes he is under a threat of some sort and his life is in danger. He lives in a state of constant fear and anxiety, waiting for the next attack to be just around the corner.

We, here in this life now, find ourselves living a comfortable and safe life but deep inside there is this inexplicable fear and anxiety. Most of the things that enter our reality here and now seem to feed that state. Even a minor event is enough to trigger us into that state of fear, and we find ourselves under constant stress.

With the expanded awareness of that character in the background, we come to understand that the source of these feelings of anxiety and fear do not originate in this present life. We realise that for some issues to be resolved, we need to look further (or deeper) than the current version of our reality here and now.

We can say that the intense or nagging emotions are energetic blockages that are currently being expressed in this life. By connecting to, acknowledging, feeling and loving those fragmented aspects within us, we correct those blockages and consequently heal ourselves.

Going back to the example of our fearful aspect, once we connect to him, and feel the fear, anxiety and any other emotion he is feeling, without any judgement but with compassion, we alleviate his suffering and integrate that fragmented piece of our consciousness back to our sense of self.

In a sense, that aspect of us will awake to his true identity and will not feel the need to play that role anymore. He will finally step out of the stage and join us on the audience.

The more we expand our awareness, the more we integrate and heal those aspects of us, the more balance we bring into our lives, and the quieter the inner stage becomes.

As the silence increases inside us, we become aware of the subtle shifts of energy that constantly flow through our being. We then strengthen our sense of a witness, or an spectator in the audience of our inner theatre, watching as the emotions, feelings and reactions arise inside of us.

After a while, we don’t need to source which unconscious aspect of us is producing the emotion. We are able to ride the energetic waves that flow through us, without ever leaving our seat in the audience.

In this space of being, we are able to choose which vibrational state we want to live in and we then begin to have full conscious access of our true identity as sovereign divine creator beings.

And the most exciting part of this story is that with this conscious access to our true identity, we can start creating our version of Heaven on Earth.

Life then becomes this beautiful, infinite cosmic play of creation and self discovery. What the ancient Indian seers called “Lila”.

We wish you much joy in your journey of creation.

Lola and our galactic family.