“Yeah, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.
Ooooh, and I’m feeling good.” — Nina Simone

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I will meet you there.” — Rumi

After eons in the lower density realms, we are finally making our way back home, to our hearts and our soul family.

The hellish realms of separation and fear are being left behind, as we expand into the awareness of our true multidimensional divine nature.

We agreed to come to Earth at this time and heed the call for the anchoring the new Golden Age on this planet.

We wanted to usher the return of the Divine Feminine energies into the lower density planes of Earth and facilitate in the balancing of the polarities on this planet, healing thus the masculine and feminine energies that have been distorted over millennia of conflict, oppression and wars.

We became known as the first wave of ascension - those souls whose purpose was to embody the high energetic frequencies, seeding the ground for the mass awakening of humanity.

The plan was very clear and straight forward: we would dive into forgetfulness and separation, and rise above the dense realities, remembering our multidimensional divine identity and anchoring the light of the high dimensional realms on Earth.

Most of us did not realise how thick the veil of forgetfulness was, and how many ‘lifetimes’ we would need to live so that we would start remembering again.

Through this long dark night of our collective soul, we dove so deep into density that most of us forgot our original plan. We got lost in duality, in the games of power and victimhood of the 3rd dimensional timelines.

The more we forgot, the more entangled we became in the 3rd Dimensional Matrix, and many of us wandered for centuries in the hellish realms, following the cold inorganic light that kept us in fear, lost and confused.

Yet, through the Divine Plan and immense help from the higher realms of consciousness, we started remembering. And as more and more of us remembered, a momentum was created where more light could be anchored in our bodies, consciousness and the planet.

With the increase of this momentum, the grid system of Earth is being upgraded, the veil of forgetfulness is being removed, helping other souls remember their true identities.

This momentum augurs the dawning of a new golden age on the planet, where all sentient beings are given the opportunity to ascend to higher levels of existence, including our planet Earth who is ascending to her 5th Dimensional version, mother Gaia.

With the expansion of light into individuals’ hearts and consciousness, the denser timelines that kept human consciousness imprisoned and asleep, start to crumble.

This is a time of great transformation where humanity is given the chance to create new systems using the heart based consciousness which operates with love, respect, collaboration, abundance and inclusion.

The old inverted systems that were based on competition, scarcity, fear and exclusion, which have kept most of humanity enslaved, are no longer supported in this new age upon us.

As we step forward to create these new ways of relating, doing business and caring for each other, we start meeting our long lost friends, our travel companions of long, long ago.

We meet strangers from all walks of life and suddenly they are not strangers anymore. There is a deep recognition in each person as that of a friend you have not seen for a long time.

We feel so comfortable in each other presence that all barriers drop and we share all our light and experiences in an open hearted way.

The first wave of ascension is gathering again, this time down here on Gaia.

There is a great sense of celebration and incredible joy as we meet like minded people and create a new reality for all of humanity and our beloved mother Gaia.

Wherever on the planet you are reading these words from, we send you our love, light and a big “Congratulations! You made it!”

May you claim your identity as a Sovereign Creator on this plane of existence, our 5th Dimensional Gaia.