“I belong to no nation, no civilization, no society, no race, but to the Divine.
I obey no master, no ruler, no law, no social convention, but the Divine.
To Him/Her I have surrended all, will, life and self…” — The Mother

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” — Carl Jung

The embodiment phase we are passing through at this now moment is facilitating the deep anchoring of our consciousousness/multidimensional selves into our lower chakras.

For the ones that have integrated the major blocks/traumas in their emotional bodies and anchored their consciousness in their hearts, now comes the phase of bringing the awareness deeper into the lower parts of the body and remembering/releasing the ancient hybrid bloodlines.

In this phase we are invited to dive into the cosmic womb and come into contact with the deeper shadow aspects of our being that have been operating behind the scenes for a long, long time. It is here that we become aware that our bodies literally are the vehicles that house our soul. We start to feel our higher dimensional selves coming down into the body and recalibrating it.

It may seem we are in dark times, and this is due to the increased light we are all carrying as we move forward in our ascencion timelines.

Many starseeds dread going deep into their bodies, as it is where we encounter the traumatic imprints of our many encarnations. The vibrational dissonance is almost unbearable to sustain. But if we are to fully embody our soul/multidimensional selves into this reality and be able to hold their higher frequencies in this now moment, we have to be willing to dive deep within us and rescue our ancient parts that are still caught in playing the old matrix game of enslavement.

By allowing ourselves to dive deep in this dark space, we meet our various ancestral blood lines and the energetic/vibrational cages that we were born in. As we allow the fluid space of the Divine Mother to guide us, we viscerally feel the inorganic structures that keep us disconnected from ourselves, our creativity, the light of our soul, our hearts and each other.

These deep forgotten shadow spaces within us hold the timelines of enslavement, disconnection and disrespect towards the organic life of Gaia and our Divine Blueprint.

To dive in these deep dark spaces within requires a certain level of courage and resilience as we remember the parts of us that have been actively maintaining these lower vibrational/ancient timelines with our life force through our ignorance, victimhood and many forgotten emotional traumas.

We come to realise how these inorganic traps keep us polarised within ourselves, in a constant loop between victim/predator, light/dark, joyfull/depressed. Through this imprisonment, the ancient timelines where the many atrocities we committed against ourselves and others, continue to operate in the underground, hidden in the shadows of our awareness.

As we reach this point of cognition deep inside, we rescue the fragmented aspects of us trapped on those spaces. We realise how our decisions are subtly influenced by ancient programs that perpetuate the tribalistic/hierarchical behaviour that has plagued humanity for eons. The veils of separation begin to dissipate and our physical bodies/DNA start releasing the inorganic energies we were trapped in. This purging can become intense at times, as the physical body works hard to restore itself to our pure life force.

The polarity starts to dissipate. No more spiritual by-passing, avoiding to see what is happening deep inside. No more me against them. No more pretending there’s only light or darkness within us. No more sense of fate of belonging to a particular race/contry/religion. No more hiding in a seemingly safe place inside and disconnecting from our bodies/lives down here. (This reminds me of a scene in the Wizard of Oz - when the man behind the curtain is found out.)

As we consciously and viscerally unplug from these lower astral timelines, we once more gain full access to our life force and our creativity starts to flow. We connect to the higher vibrational spaces of freedom and anchor more firmly in our ascencion timelines.

These spaces of clear/higher awareness are very subtle in the beginning and as we strengthen the muscles of our discernment, we create a momentum that stabilises our consciousness on the high energetic configuration that surrounds the planet at the moment.

We realise then, how important it is to be aware of each choice we make in our daily lives. Are we choosing to offer/align our energy to the old timelines or the new ones? Are we welcoming the new and unknown or holding on to the old? How flexible can we be in our ideas of how things are? How much can we expand beyond the limitations of our minds?

As we embody our soul/light deeper into our bodies, we facilitate the shift of the consciousness on the planet by anchoring more light on Gaia’s crystalline grid and strenghening the new timelines for a New Earth.

Each one of us is a unique expression of Source and we all have our individual ways of experiencing and expressing our Light. As we connect to our right brain and our imagination, we start moving towards a more balanced way of living.

Using metaphors and a good sense of humour, helps our lower minds cognise the amazing shift happening without being scared to go deep into the darkness.

There is magic everywhere. Call on your higher dimensional selves to show you the way to yourself through the synchronicity happening around you.

Go deep within.

Leave the TV, mobile phone, social media behind and go back to nature.

There’s nothing to fear.

Deep in the darkness you will find your light.

This is the time to claim your freedom.

May you discover the metaphors that will lead you back to your sovereignty as a multidimensional creator being.