“Every explicit duality is an implicit unity.” — Alan Watts

“The cords of passion and desire weave a binding net around you.
Worldly confrontation makes you stiff and inflexible.
The trap of duality is tenacious.
Bound, rigid, and trapped, you cannot experience liberation.” — Lao Tzu

The energetic downloads and upgrades that occurred on the 11th, 12th and 13th of January 2020, during the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, were so intense that it will take years for us to fully understand the magnitude of the massive change that occurred on the planet’s energetic configuration during that period.

Preparations on the planetary grid for this event intensified in the last few months, with many lower astral portals being closed and a massive clean up work undertaken to purge Gaia’s grids from their toxic sludge.

The main focus of this energetic movement has been in Australia, in the center of the country, Uluru - considered the solar plexus chakra of the planet, the power center of collective human consciousness.

On that weekend, thanks to the work of many gridkeepers, this power center was flushed clean and its connection to the cosmic realms and Earth’s grids was fully re-stablished, allowing the anchoring of the Goddess - the Feminine Solar Christ energies, deep within the core of the Earth.

During meditation that weekend I was drawn into the center of Australia were many cerimonies were taking place around Uluru. They culminated with arrival of Princess Aurora, a being from Venus, embodying the Divine Feminine Christ Light and taking abode on the sacred site of Uluru.

Her arrival marked the shift of the polarity on our planet and this new energy now emanates onto the 12D crystalline grid of Gaia, empowering humanity to finally clear the deep distortions that has kept us separated from our original blueprint.

This shift heralds the anchoring of the Golden Age on Gaia, and there is no turning back now.

The tension between Pluto and Saturn will accelerate the collapse of the Patriarchal system and the creation of new structures that honour Life on this planet.

As the undisrupted stream of Diamond Christ Light Frequencies flow through Uluru, it will be easier to bring balance to the polarities we carry within.

This is not a linear process, but describing it linearly here might make it easier to understand the collapsing of structures within us and also on the outer world.

To start balancing the scales, a surge of the Divine Feminine energies was needed so that humanity could have an opposite stand point from which to see/feel/understand the reality it is living in.

With the powerful energies of the Mother being anchored in our planet, the anchoring of the Sacred Masculine energies will follow.

The dominance of the patriarchal system on the planet has a long history of oppression and violence against these balanced, divine energies and we carry the scars and wounds of this painful history in our bodies and consciousness.

Most of us have many multidimensional aspects that have tried - and mostly failed - to anchor Christ Consciousness on the planet many times before and ended up being caught onto the Matrix web of enslavement.

The time is now.

ouroblue image

And now is the time to go deep within and ‘rescue’/remember/heal/integrate our wounded fragments - no matter which gender - that are involved in the endless versions of the victim/predator Matrix programs.

This is not about moving to the feminine polarity within us, blaming and disconnecting from the masculine.

It is about being deeply grounded in the body, in zero point, where our hearts are open enough to bring our feminine and masculine energies into balance.

They both have distortions in them and both need our love and compassion to come into balance.

Otherwise we run the risk of repeating the same pattern of separation again, this time sitting on the other side of the polarity fence.

With this latest global activation, the pure Divine Christ Frequencies are being streamed strongly throughout Gaia.

Let’s take time to feel them flowing through our hearts, bodies and minds.

By doing this, we remember a new way of being, that feels so blissful and strange at the same time.

Connect, remember and let those aspects trapped in the game of polarity know that it is safe to feel the depths of our hearts again, that behind all that hurt, grief, rage, judgement, depression there is a softness and vulnerability that is strong beyond measure.

From this space we have the wisdom and compassion to welcome our wounded warriors home, the ones that once turned against life, that aligned with the war of separation.

Anytime we feel a surge of energy that does not feel aligned with our hearts, that feels uncomfortable in the body, that has a flavour of righteousness and advertises the ‘me against them’ propaganda, take a deep breath and ask:

“Who within me feels this way? What is it that you need to make you feel better? Where in my body am I holding this?”

It is a time to use all the resources/tools that we have learned along the way - awareness of our breath, being in nature, listening to the quiet voice inside, calling in the support of our guides, asking a healer we resonate with for support… anything we have at our disposal to finally collapse the distorted/inverted system we carry within us.

We don’t need to do this alone. There is plenty of help available - both on Earth and on Heaven.

These are auspicious times!

May we consecrate our lives, consciousness and hearts to bring the restoration of Christ Consciousness on our sacred planet.

A useful tool to bring polarised energies back into balance is using the Infinity Figure 8 (see my post on Living from Zero Point here)