“The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is,
because man is disunited with himself.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings,
and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.” — Buddha

As we approach the Solstice Stargate, we are greeted with streams of fire letters assisting in the re-bundling of our Divine DNA at amazing speeds.

Inside this accelerated upward spiral, many Starseeds find themselves shape-shifting back into their higher/ancient aspects that got fragmented during the downward spiral towards the denser realms of existence, and then, just as this experience stabilises, all notion of ever inhabiting a body is lost in an instant.

In this exhausting dance between form/no form, our DNA, bodies and consciousness are being transformed back to the original human template. As if we were being cosmically forged, constantly expanded then contracted, then expanded and contracted again, until we arrive at the image of what many call the Christed Beings, Homo Angelicus, the Golden Ones or the Divine Humans.

As we embody more and more of our original Soul Blueprint, the experiences we used to feel in the etheric realms begin to manifest in our physical realities. The Matrix programming of external world seems surreal. We feel the dissonance of these inorganic frequencies deep in the core of our being. The phrase ‘being in the world but not of it’ resonate a lot at this now moment.

The Trinity of our sacredness becomes evident as we bring our polarised energies back into balance, holding our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in coherence, as a Child of Source.

With the realisation of the Unity we hold within, there is a sense of completion, of the healing and integration of our forgotten aspects that tried for eons to ‘fix the system’, in an attempt to exit the denser realms and to heal our core wound of separation from Source.

Our higher hearts are activated, and we change the operating system that has been running our lives/awareness from the shadows of our unconsciousness to one that is heart centred, realising thus, that the keys to our freedom from the enmeshment in the lower realms are held within us, in our multi-dimensional selves and deep within our hearts.

This current energetic configuration brings the culmination of a phase that incorporates all the years of ascension work many have undertaken, during which we worked with our emotions and reclaimed our fragmented aspects. This deep work allows us to ride the intense and chaotic waves of the current collective purging from a space of emotional resilience and unattached compassion.

During the lonely travels through our inner realms, we have cultivated strong, compassionate hearts that are able to remain open no matter what the outer circumstances are, making us immune to the inorganic programming operating in the lower densities and its incessant attempts to separate, manipulate, reduce and consume life.

In cosmic synchronicity, we encounter a variety of alchemical symbols during our meditations or in our daily lives and as we feel their energetics running through our bodies, we once again remember their meaning - the Three Fold Flame, the Triquetra, the Trident…

This is the return of Christ in action.

No longer caught in the duality of the lower realms, we once again remember, feel (even if it is for brief moments) that point of pure light, of the consciousness that we emerged from, not bound into form and blissfully living as part of the One Source.

The difference this time is that we hold an awareness of our individuality in this universal sea of consciousness, the realization of simultaneously being the Many and the One.

Our constructed personalities, their beliefs and their enmeshment in the ‘energetic soup’ of the lower realms slowly become irrelevant.

hexagon image

As we hold our many selves within, they come into alignment with the organic timelines of ascension. We unite in the purpose of holding the Light of Source in these realms, knowing that all that does not resonate with that Light is dissolved.

With practice, our Merkabas/DNA stabilise holding these higher frequencies, and abiding in the fluid realms of the higher dimensions become second nature to us.

From this higher places, we see the sacredness of Gaia and all sentient life inhabiting her body. Reverence towards all of Life and the alignment with the heart of creation becomes the norm.

Looking down from above, our Merkaba fields look like hexagons and as more starseeds activate their own Merkabas, we become one unified collective field forming this beautiful honeycomb like structure, a grid of higher consciousness surrounding the planet.

Every time we come together holding a heart space, either physically or telepathically through global meditations or other spiritual practice, we are building this grid.

This 5D structure is designed to hold the integral spaces of the higher dimensions and it is impermeable to the inorganic timelines. It resonates and interacts with the new crystalline grids of Gaia and it facilitates the anchoring of higher dimensional consciousness into the planetary field.

As this grid grows around the planet, it provides a clean/clear field that shields the planet from the artificial/inorganic timelines of separation, overwriting their spells, programs and impact on human consciousness.

During this most auspicious energetic corridor, we are being given the rare opportunity to reclaim our creator and alchemical powers and align with the Divine Plan of Ascension.

This Solstice Gateway holds something very special to each one of us Starseeds and to collective humanity. It feels ancient and sacred and at the same time like a new beginning, a turning point towards the creation of our Heaven on Earth.

We are being invited to join Gaia, Solaris and the rest of the universe in this next step of the cosmic wave of evolution.

Are we willing to unplug from the infinite distractions, manipulations, cruelty, unfairness, segregation, fear of the lower realms?

Are we able to trust the infinite benevolence of Source and finally upgrade to the operating system of our hearts and the organic timelines of ascension?

May we gather as One during this Sacred Gateway and begin a new phase of our evolution as a species.

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