“There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud.
We need the mud in order to make the lotus.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

“You are a miracle, and everything you touch could be a miracle” — Thich Nhat Hanh

The intense geomagnetic storms of the last few weeks are literally shaking the magnetic fields of Gaia and our bodies, dislodging old energetic grids and bringing emotional, physical and energetic discomfort to many.

As the human collective approaches the deepest layers of all that has been hidden/forgotten, starseeds are reminded of the keys and memories held within and of our mission in these realms.

With the game of duality nearing its end for many, the collective is taken back to the last reset of humanity, where catastrophic events buried ancient civilisations in a mud flood that covered our memories, dreams and destroyed our lives and communities.

The collective carries inumerous memories of disasters, from the Atlantean floods to more recent catastrophic events, and these memories are rising to surface, bringing the emotional traumas associated with them.

Our true history continues to be revealed, with snippets here and there of intergalactic conflict, massive weapons of mass destruction (and distraction), disregard for the planet and the life it carries, all coming up to our awareness to be loved back to wholeness.

The current world events are a reflection of the level of healing humanity is going through, but unfortunately the majority does not recognise how crucial this point is, and keep re-creating the same realities of the past, with stories of wars, catastrophes and fear.

We need to remember that these are memories held in our cells. The intense plasma light is bringing them to the surface to be dealt with. We can use our expanded awareness and let them pass through us, releasing them to Source, or we can hold on to them, reliving and recreating those old timelines again.

mudflood image

When the equinox portal opened last week, an intense wave of aquamarine plasma light started flooding every dense corner of our collective unconscious to reveal the deepest traumas held within.

As starseeds, we are asked to embody these aquamarine rays as an antidote to the dense energies rising on the collective in this now, and by doing so, transmute every dense aspect of reality that surrounds us.

It is not to fight what is happening out there, but to hold a trinitized awareness of these two polar opposites.

On one side we have the old energies rising again, and again at the end of this cosmic cycle, trying to reset and bind human consciousness back to the artificial timelines that are based on a looping, limited system of hierarchical parasitism.

On the other, we have the neutralising aquamarine rays that wash over the distortions, and free our vital force from the interfering artificial patterns, re-connecting us to our original expanded awareness.

On the center, holding these two paradoxical spaces simultaneously, we reconnect to our Christed Self and realise we hold the keys to creation. From this standpoint, we have the freedom and clarity to create new organic timelines that serve the greater good, where we become the bridge connecting Heaven to Earth.

Many are reaching a level of mastery, learning to hold this neutral space at every present moment, while many others are being buried, once again in the mud of fear, lack and separation.

Don’t fight the muddy waters. Have the courage to dive deep within the hidden corners of your unconscious, knowing that without the mud, we do not have the lotus.

May you find the seeds of eternal peace and love in the depths of your being, and rise in consciousness like the lotus rises from the mud to the sunshine.