About Us


Lola SolRa is an Ascension Guide, Gridworker and Gatekeeper in service to the awakening of human consciousness to its Divine, Multidimensional nature.

With a professional background in the Information Technology industry and a Masters Degree in the field of Networking and Systems Management, she spent many years designing and troubleshooting computer networks and participating in the rapid expansion of the current technological age we are living in today.

With time she realised that there was something missing in this ‘outer, inorganic technology’. The cold server rooms were a perfect analogy for the lack of connection with the human soul in this left brain, logical, linear reality.

Being energetically sensitive from childhood, she always had an interest in the invisible aspects of life and through years of intense spiritual practices and spontaneous mystical experiences, she remembered the ‘inner technology’ that had been missing in her life.

Through these experiences she awakened to her Multidimensional Self and her Soul’s mission in this incarnation.

Since then, Lola has been helping others do the same, providing powerful activations aimed at 're-griding' the human energetic system, sharing information based on the Christ Consciousness principles of the Law of One, the Ascension process, facilitating courses and providing individual healing sessions.

As a Gridworker she has travelled the world visiting sacred sites, remote locations and spiritual communities, anchoring the new crystalline grids.

Lola works with various Angelic, Higher Multidimensional and Galactic Collectives, together with Gaia to bring an expanded space of consciousness for individuals on a journey of self discovery.

The RA collective has been her constant guide through many lifetimes, facilitating the remembrance of the ancient solar alchemical technology we all carry deep within.

Lola continues to participate in the expansion of technology to aid connections. This time using the ancient, organic, inner knowledge of our hearts and souls to connect to our original divine blueprint.

In this virtual portal Lola and her guides make themselves available to assist those seeking to remember what their hearts once knew. ♥