One to One Sessions

Our individual sessions facilitate the adjustment of your awareness to the increased high frequencies and spiritual help available on Earth at the present moment.

When we become conscious of these higher frequencies, our current lives are transformed into a nexus where we can access, heal and integrate the multidimensional/fragmented aspects of our being back to our awareness and hearts.

Using the powerful Quantum Access® Modality, we bring a level of coherence in your bio-energetic field that enables us to create Alchemy together.

Through this alchemical process, you can expect

Shadow Work/Soul Retrieval
We will scan your timelines and bring the fragmented aspects of your Soul into the light, so that they can be healed and integrated back into your awareness. This is deep inner work, far away from the concepts created by the mind, where you viscerally experience the embodiment of your multidimensional selves in your lives here and now.
Purification of the Auric Field
By working from a non-polarised space, we are able to remove blockages and parasitic energies from your energetic field. These blockages disrupt the natural flow of life force through the body, leaving you feeling tired, drained or overwhelmed and they interfere with the connection to your Higher Self.
Emotional Freedom
As we clear these energetic blockages, your nervous system gradually returns to an optimal level of functioning. Your emotional integrity is restored and you are able to navigate intense situations in a calm and impartial manner.

Working from the Zero Point of all possibilities you will be able to

Connect deeply to the body
Our bodies store the holographic programs that create our reality. A large part of these programs are being run from our unconscious mind. By anchoring our awareness deep into our bodies, we are able to discern what is happening in the subtle layers of our energetic field and clear what does not resonate with our Soul’s Blueprint.
Resolve Karma
As our soul embodiment grows, we resolve lifetimes of trauma that keep us disconnected from our Soul's guidance. Once we heal and integrate a fragmented aspect of our multidimensional selves, we clear that pattern from locking us on the re-incarnation matrix.
Ride the emotional waves without leaving the physical body
When we learn to witness the energetic/emotional movement flowing through our awareness, we become more present in our lives and bodies and cease living a disconnected life. We are able to live from the Now moment, no matter the circumstances appearing in our lives.
Discover a new way of being
Once we take charge of the emotional turmoil inside of us and clear our auric field, we align more and more to our Soul's energy and become the master of our lives. We develop a sense of 'detached compassion' where are able to empath others without being caught in their energetic space.

Our first and foremost intention is to be of service to your Soul's Plan and we feel honoured to assist you in aligning with it.


It is my deepest wish that these words can encapsulate the purity of the essence of these precious sessions with Lola.

With Lola, you feel completely safe and, like the best Himalayan trekker, she Guides you gently to places subtle and deep within you.

There you experience Lola’s 'Spiritual Midwife' qualities, as you unfurl, discover and birth so many different multi-dimensional experiences and aspects of You; frequently leaving you speechless and basking in Bliss.

Each session so unique, all soulfully healing. Lola is with you, experiencing with you, each step of the way, as you open up to even greater Love.

In just a handful of sessions, I feel and am a completely different person, my energy totally transformed. From taking myself out of my physical body, as a way of coping, most of my life, I feel so grounded, safe and nourished, comfortable in my own skin. My intuition is just growing from strength to strength and my gifts and talents are being remembered. My heart space is vast and sacred. I’m remembering why I came and why I chose this particular “ mud” with which to grow!

I feel so connected, each session eagerly anticipated.

So if you are ready to discover who you really are; why you came and chose this particular life; and are prepared to allow yourself to feel vulnerable, heal and feel the love and respect the Universe has for you; then I would highly recommend you book some sessions with this amazing, talented and deeply loving Soul.

Laura from Scotland Scotland

Ones gets the impression that Lola has been doing healing work for many lifetimes.

My first session with Lola was in the evening and from the moment I woke up that morning the session had already started.

I was guided to do all sorts of things not on my 'list' for the day, and thankfully I surrendered to the new agenda.

I do not know if it was Lola's guides or my guides working with hers or something larger still, but everything that happened to me that day was preparing me for some of the deepest and most profound healing work in my life to date.

Throughout my life there have been hints, sometimes from other healers, that something from my early years was impacting the fabric of my life.

Lola went right to it.

More importantly she let me find it myself, supporting my heart and consciousness with her loving, clear and skilled energy.

Lola's energetic skills can help you identify, energetic aspects of yourself that are floating outside of you, and that are asking to be heard and returned home to your heart.

As these 'stories' are remembered and energetically reintegrated, with loving kindness and ease, one can experience feeling empowered, energized, and whole again.

These sessions are the ultimate sacred journey back to Self.

Lola is a brilliantly and skillful spiritual surgeon.

Perhaps more importantly one feels that the healing energies themselves, however they may turn up, as guides or angels or soul's or Source, really enjoy working with Lola too.

Put sessions with Lola on your bucket list.

Kim from Canada Canada

There is a sacred journey awaiting all of us, the awakening of our heavenly selves into physical manifestation. While much of our practice on this path to consciousness is spent in an effort to achieve a knowing of this divine life, the reality is "we are already that which we seek".

Lola’s work has been another tool for uncovering this divine essence in me that seeks to manifest.

Each session has left me feeling more of my heavenly self. Every time I journey with Lola I understand and accept more of the eternal, omnipresent, unconditional love that is my birthright as a human being. My own innate gifts are expanded and empowered. These inner divine treasures of my heart are brought into a clearer focus to become a more tangible knowing. With my new awareness of the depth of who I truly am, my life has literally transformed!  Everything in my current life has been (what I like to call) ‘upgraded and brought online’ with the celestial universe.

When Lola and I walk together into the expansive space of my heart, original and sacred pieces of my soul are revealed to me. Sometimes we journey to ancient imprints. These are places in my heart that have left their mark on my present reality and are not currently serving me. The wisdom from my own soul self will then release all their effects into the tender hands of the divine. The energy and space taken up by the imprint now becomes available for me to use and I can then experience higher and deeper vibrational understandings within myself. Sometimes dimensional aspects of my being that are (as yet) unknown and universal are revealed to me.  These energies have been patiently waiting to be discovered and introduced. As I allow them the freedom to come forward, and we become acquainted, they are integrated into my currently reality. From this latest awareness of self I am forever changed and expanded. This fresh frequency of our merger is now embodied in me and that’s where the fun begins! Everyday becomes an opportunity to live the delightful magic of my new self with tangible results.

The process is different for everyone as Lola gently and effortlessly guides one into the deeper realms of the heart and body. Through these sessions she has taught me how to access for myself these inner realms and aspects of my being. In combining my practice of meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection and my sessions with Lola, I have gained extremely powerful keys to travel the heavens of my being.

With my passion for accession, these divine experiences and sessions with Lola have been truly transformational.

For me she is a teacher’s teacher and I am forever in deep appreciation of her gifts!

However she can show anybody who is passionate about expanding and going deep into their heart space how to enter and speak directly with their soul!

Linda from the United States United States

I am a lawyer and historian.

In 22 years of research into the ancient texts, I have never witnessed someone turn my biggest dreams into reality, so laughingly, in just one 60 minute session.

Glenn from Canada Canada

I had a meditation session with Lola today.

It was such a wonderful experience, Lola has such a gentle way, as she talks and guides you through the meditation in a very calming way, making you feel so very relaxed.

She is very receptive to your energy and is, I would say, spot on with this.

I really enjoyed the whole experience, I felt so much benefit from this healing, feeling so relaxed and amazing after her meditation session.

Lola is very gifted in what she does.

I would highly recommend her.

Janet from England England