The main purpose of our courses is to expand human consciousness so that we become heart-centered, sovereign and empowered beings.

The courses are designed to help you read the myriad of frequencies that we are immersed in, with an emphasis in your direct experience.

Gradually you develop the discernment to know if these frequencies are coming from your soul, a fragmented aspect of you or some other external or internal source that is not yours.

As your intuition and confidence grows, you recognise your own soul vibration and have more clarity in choosing what you want to align with.

Through this awakening, your heart will expand and become the new standpoint of your consciousness, creating thus a solid anchor for the embodiment of your Soul Blueprint.

Diving into our Hearts
Online - Enrolments are closed.
This course takes you into an exploration of our Hearts. Our human, angelic, celestial, galactic, light body hearts. Through this process of discovery, we will connect to the beautiful subtle structures of our hearts. Our emotional bodies will learn to feel deeply again, with no fear, shame or blame. We will heal our broken hearts, allowing them to expand, to receive and transmit love beyond we ever thought possible.
Tuning up your Antenna
Learn to fully align with your Soul by recognising frequencies, feeling their impact on your nervous system and consciousness. Once you fully identify with your Soul frequency, you are able to consciously choose what to align with. You become free from the unconscious, ancestral and collective programming that keeps you disconneted from your true identity.